Julian J. Schlöder [ˈjuːli̯aːn ˈʃløːdɐ]

About Me

This is the website of a logician, working at the interface of mathematics, linguistics and philosophy. My job is to find patterns in natural language, model these patterns mathematically, and thereby inform questions in the philosophy of language. In short, I care about how we can use logic to explain our language and explain our logic by examining our language. My basic contention is the primacy of dialogue: that if we are looking to language for answers, we should look to language in interaction, in context—in dialogue.

Currently, I work on formal pragmatics and philosophy of language in the Dialogue Modelling Group of the ILLC in Amsterdam as an ESSENCE Marie Curie Fellow. My main supervisor is Raquel Fernández (ILLC) and I am additionally advised by Alex Lascarides (U. of Edinburgh), Robert van Rooij (ILLC), and Luca Incurvati (ILLC).

My full CV can be downloaded (PDF) here.


Email: juliannull.schloeder@gmail.com

Visiting address: Room F1.13 / Building F / Science Park 107 / 1098 XG Amsterdam.

Mailing address: ILLC / Universiteit van Amsterdam / P.O. Box 94242 / 1090 GE Amsterdam.

current teaching

Winter 2017: Formal Pragmatics (Lecturer) course schedule

Winter 2017: Meaning, Reference and Modality (Assistant to Paul Dekker)