julian j. schlöder



  • Mathematical Proof Methods for Logic (Winter 2020): Main course website on Canvas. The course notes can be downloaded here (PDF).
  • Minimalism About Truth (Winter 2019): Course website (including course plan and material).

Summer Schools

  • Anaphora and Ambiguity in Narratives (ESSLLI 2019): Course website (including slides).
  • Philosophy of Language (YALP 2019): Slides can be downloaded here (PDF).
  • Discourse Semantics (YALP 2018): Slides can be downloaded here (PDF).
  • Furthermore, I led a seminar-type class on Formal Pragmatics in Amsterdam (Winter 2017) and a block lecture on SDRT at the University of Gothenburg (Summer 2018). The teaching materials for these courses are superseded by the ESSLLI 2019 slides.

Teaching Assistant

  • I have been Teaching Assistant for various courses in the Master programme in Logic in Amsterdam, including Basic Logic, Philosophy of Mathematics, Meaning, Reference and Modality and Philosophical Logic.